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Do you really understand Candy and Confectionery 2017-07-14

1. Overview: candy is sugar, starch syrup (or caramel) as the main raw material, add spices, fruit, dairy products, gels or foaming agent and other accessories, according to a certain process from the processing of solid sweet food. World candy production in 1996, 11.5 million tons, the world's per capita consumption of about 3kg, China's 0.8kg, which developed countries, the proportion of candy chocolate is about 50%, about 10% of our country. In recent years, China's candy processing production level has improved significantly, color varieties continue to increase, packaging decoration to improve the larger, improve the quality of health, market goods sufficient, and some goods are exported overseas. Candy is expected to be low sweet nutrition, leisure, health direction.

2. Classification:

 (1) By species classification:

1) Hard candy (sub-type and crisp type). Hard candy is sugar and starch syrup (or caramel). As the main raw material, the brewed and add the right amount of fruit flavor, dairy products or nuts and other accessories, according to a certain process of processing made of a brittle candy.


2) Milk fat (sub-gelatinous and sandy). Milk sugar is sugar, starch syrup (or caramel) as the main raw material, in the brewing concentration when adding fat and dairy products. Stir into a candy with a scorch flavor.


3) Protein sugar (sub-aromatic and nut type). Sugar is made of sugar, starch syrup (or caramel) as the main raw material, boiled concentrated by adding appropriate amount of fat, dairy products, fruit, spices, etc., with egg protein (or plant protein) as the main foaming agent or add a small amount Gelatin processed by a certain process of candy.


4) Candy (sub-glial and non-glial type). Candy is sugar, starch syrup (or caramel) as the main raw material, after brewing concentrated, add appropriate amount of fat, dairy products, spices, etc., with gelatin as colloid, According to a certain process, to fully stir the processing of low-fat from the candy.

5) Soft candy (sub-agar, starch, gelatin type). Sugar is sugar, starch, and syrup as the main raw material, with agar, starch, gelatin and other gels, the brewed, pouring forming high moisture, soft texture of the candy.

6) Sandwich sugar (sub-crisp heart, sauce heart, heart type). Sandwich sugar is sugar, starch syrup (or caramel) as the main raw material, boiled into sugar for skin. With candy powder, jam, nuts sauce, dairy products, cocoa powder made of a variety of stuffing core, wrapped into a variety of sugar into a variety of alcohol injection made of candy.


7) Polished sugar (sub-hard, soft, nut type). Polishing sugar is a variety of sugar or fruit for the sugar heart, with sugar and syrup for sugar coating, polished from the surface of the candy.


8) Gums (sub-gel type and foam type). Gum base is based on gum base, sugar powder, starch syrup as the main raw material, together with the spices, seasonings made of candy.


9) Powder sugar (sub-mint powder sugar, fruit powder tablets, calcium powder tablets). Powder is sugar powder as the main raw material to add appropriate amount of flavor seasoning by pressing to suppress the various forms of candy.


(2) By flavor classification:

1) Sweet type;

2) Acid type;

3) mint type;

4) All kinds of fruit type;

5) Chocolate flavor;

6) Strange smell.


3. Production process:

Sugar, starch syrup, other accessories → mixed melt → filter → boil (or vacuum concentration) → pre-cooling → blending (adding spices) → forming → cooling → picking → packaging.


4. Requirements for candy wrapping paper:

Printing ink used in candy paper should be selected low lead content of raw materials, ink should be printed on the side of the direct contact with candy, if printed on the inner layer, must be painted in the outer layer of ink; or lining paper (aluminum foil or wax paper) Packaging, liner should be slightly longer than the candy, so that the candy is not directly after contact with the packaging paper, liner itself should be consistent with GB11680-89 "food packaging paper hygiene standards", glutinous rice paper copper content of not more than 100mg / kg, no candy and chocolate for wrapping paper should be small.

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