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Our History

The Yixin family has been making candy for over 38 years; we have continued to grow up, learning from our mistakes and

enjoying more and more improvements. We are proud of our unique history that is highlighted by three generations of

family ownership and management. at all his begin, the first generation of yixin family travel from Canada to Indonesia,

and become a worker in a small restaurant ,his job is to help restaurant cooker make handmade sugar sweets for serve

after the meal.This work makes him learn much on how to cook sugar, how to control temperature and good forming.

On year 1978, because of the floods, the family has force to move to a small town in Fujian province in china for looking

new life; there the family finally decides to do their familiar job-make a small candy shop.Selling bulk handmade candies

for the restaurant.

Through some years develop, and under china reform and opening-up policy, the family recognize the needs to open a company

then Yixin Foods birth, why call Yixin, it is meaning in china is focus all your mind in one thing,the whole family with the

same heart. Under this mind, Yixin quickly outgrew its quarters and 1995 make its employee 20 persons.

With products selling all over china super market.

And year 2006 it is a history time for yixin foods, it moves into a four-story building,and imported two Germany production lines.

and also in this year, yixin decide to start its own exporting department. From that time,

yixin candies selling spread the whole world.

Year 2012, Yixin factory join together with its relative company weibeijia and start a jumping developing time.

Till now Yixin already become a group company.Includes Production, exporting, importing, and cartoon anime&mvs.We owe 3

factories called weinuoguan(before call viviga) in tuopu area and yixin in anbu area, and we have 2 for export office in Shantou,

and 1 importing and domestic market department also in Shantou,1 cartoon Anime Company in Guangzhou.And the head office

of domestic saling teams in Shenzhen,1 new energy technical company called FENGNENG in Dongguan.and this year 2016,

we have also buy an factory called XIAMEN TWANDY CANDY in fujian province.And we now are in developing corporation 

with the famous cartoon anime company,Our aim is to create a total new ecological food system which people who buy

our products also can freely get our cartoon mvs and anime authorization,so can broadcast the production in the local

market.And we connect our products with the lived cartoons and characters which can help our customer increase

the selling.We are no only a candy seller, you buy our candy,we also help you build up selling systems, give you

free support in advertisement.

Now we already successfully become a public company group.And we will always insist on our original dream

focus all our mind and whole family together to make our candy better and better.

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