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Our Lifes

Life in Yixinfoods are full of laughs and happiness

we are a friendly,comprehensive,lovely big family. even work is too much,sometimes too

much pressure, but you will never heard anyone shout or even speak loudly to others,any problem

we all discuss with smile,this is one of our office principle.

our personnel manager we genially call her Mother Hong, she will prepare birthday party for every members

in YIXIN, and leave us every year an unforgettably birthday,many of us even been moved to tears.

Every week we will have two days have teatime, and Mother Hong will well prepare our teatime food,to make

sure everybody enjoy

Nearly every month company will prepare barbecue,dinner party,KTV etc many activities for us to relax after such

relaxing, we will come back to work freshly, and serve our customer with more smiles

every colleague's family members is welcome to take part in the activities.

till here see so many nice entertainment and nice food, but if you think that our teams only good at enjoying.

you are wrong!

our team also very good at "FIGHTING" and "WAR"ha ha

in company's every PK GAMES, we always be Number 1,that make us have a very powerful name"TIGER TEAM"

in Chaoshan export business district,the most important is many of us are lady

A so happy, so powerful, so professional lovely teams, do you like us?

if yes, pls come and join us. we will make you a wonderful life here

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