25 Years Professional Wholesale Candy Manufacturer

25 Years Professional Wholesale Candy Manufacturer

by 宜欣食品
company news,

Yixinfoods is a professional wholesale candy manufacturer. This year is really a very hard year for candy wholesaling.I know, you know.

When the Covid 19 comes, candy factory business is like siting on fire, that time We told ourselves be alive is already so lucky.

After that, the candy container shipping give us another heavy fist, again We encourage ourselves, candy wholesale business just need time, pass it, peace will come. One side, candy factory shipping charge no down, another size, official control all candy factory electricity, all raw material price jump like taking roller coaster. China have an old saying: put the frost on snow. Now We teach ourselves, wherever there is business, there is problem. Problem will never end, we just can only adjust our thinking, be more peaceful when face the difficulty and have more strong beliefs that finally our candy wholesale business will be ok.

  • Tonight one Customer ask me, now it is mid night, your factory still working?
  • I say to him, from the time our eye open, we are working till the time our eye close.
  • See, nobody Easy, we as a candy manufacturer are using the effort for selling heroin to earn the profit of selling Chinese cabbage.
  • So help and understand each other.
  • Yixinfoods candy factory also be your trustworthy partner.